Tipping Casino Dealers: How and When to Do It

Gambling industry is a service business, where dealers are at the bottom of the rung, and are not likely paid very well. Their income is sometimes augmented through customer tips. Tipping casino dealers, however, is a personal act, and should not be considered obligatory, nor are you expected to tip especially when you are losing terribly.

Some players don't give any at all; some do over tip. Then there are those gamblers who assume that over tipping casino dealers would increase or decrease their chances of winning. If you're on e of those gamblers, this is a misconception you'd better get rid off soon, for this will just leave you with less money than if you did not tip excessively.

Tipping casino dealers shouldn't be done too frequently, either. For instance, if you're seated at a $5 table and you're on a winning streak, a $1-tip per hour or $2 will do.

Tipping casino dealers can be done in several ways. One way to do this is to place a chip next to your bet on the table layout. In blackjack, this is typically done by putting an additional chip in front of your betting box. Putting the additional on top of your original bet and telling the dealer they are "riding your coattails" is an alternative. This means that if your bet wins, then the dealer can have the win on the additional bet. The additional bet remains on the table, and you can tell the dealer it keeps "riding the coattail." This way, the dealer gets a tip every time you win. This is an even more generous way of tipping the dealer than placing a tip once or twice every hour.

In craps, players typically tip by placing a bet for the dealer. Roulette, on the other hand, is a game where tips are placed less frequently. The most common time of tipping roulette dealer is when you hit 35:1 payout. When tipping casino dealers, don't directly hand the chip to the dealer. Put the chip on the table and tell the dealer that it is a tip.

Tipping casino dealers is part of the service industry, and you should tip also based on quality of service you get. If the dealer is not giving you a friendly and competent service, then skipping a tip is understandably not a violation of observed casino etiquette. There's one vital thing that players, especially newbies, should remember. Dealers do not play against players; they merely facilitate games for the casino. Like waiters, they rely on tips to earn added income. So when you're getting quality service, the etiquette of tipping casino dealers should be best observed.